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Orientation: 3rd

3rd Orientation Activity: Collaborating on an ESS Analysis


1. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was a major even occurring in December 2004 with an epicenter off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake triggered devastating tsunamis along the coasts countries bordering the Indian Ocean, killing more than 225,000 people, and flooding coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand suffered the most. Access some of the resources listed below and read about tsunamis.

See for example:

2. Go to your Event Team Discussion space. Individually, post your suggestions for an ESS analysis. The ESS analysis should include event to sphere, sphere to event, and sphere-to-sphere interactions. Refer to the Example of an ESS Analysis to see how you should structure your ESS analysis.

Note: Even though communicating in asynchronous time with team members accommodates different schedules and time zones, it can be problematic in that you will not always know when each team member will be submitting assignments. You and your Event Team members might want to make a schedule so that all team members will submit their assignments on the same day, even if not at the same time.

3. In your Event Team discussion space, read and comment on your teammates' submissions for their ESS analyses.

4. After you post your individual ideas and before the deadline for this assignment, go to your Event Team discussion space to meet with your Event Team. Within your team, come to a consensus on the various impacts of the event on the spheres, the spheres on the event, and the spheres on each other.

6. Upload your best analysis by the end of the cycle to your Portfolio in ESSEA.
  • What file format does your analysis need be in to upload to your Portoflio on ESSEA?
    • You can upload .DOC, .DOCX(Office 2007), .RTF, .TXT, .PDF, .PPT, .MOV, .MP3 and .ACC files. BUT only one file per assignment upload. If you have upoladed the wrong file or have a more recent version that you want uploaded, you can do that by simply uploading again.
  • How big can the file be?
    • You can upload file up to 7MB. If your file is too large, it's most liekly images copied and pasted from the Internet that are causing the problem. Try removing one or two to reduce your file size.

Suggested Activities for Your Students
Exploring the Environment Contains more than a dozen interactive studies related to the environment, for middle and high school students. Includes teacher guides for classroom use.

You will want to locate other resources locally and on the Internet to supplement these. Post the resources you find to the course discussion space.

Visit NASA's Earth Observatory to read feature articles on wide-ranging Earth system science topics, download datasets and images for analysis, read breaking news, learn about current and planned Earth missions, search an online library for reference materials, track natural hazards around the world in near-real time, and access interactive experiments and classroom activities.

Example of ESS Analysis This page provides a sample Yellowstone Forest Fires ESS analysis.

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