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Orientation: 2nd

2nd Orientation Activity: Connections Among the Earth Systems

The purpose of this 2nd orientation activity is to:

  • Name your Event Team if you haven't done so already.
  • Understand how Earth's spheres connect and function as a "system."
  • Explore problem-based learning modules that contain ESS issues.
  • Upload resources.


    1. Meet with your team members in the course discussion space, if you have not done so already, and choose an Event Team name.

    2. Read An Example of an ESS Analysis of the Yellowstone Forest Fires event.

    3. Look over the Exploring the Environment (ETE) site. It contains problem-based learning modules available for grades 5-12. Each interdisciplinary module asks students to address an Earth science issue. Issues vary in complexity and scope, but all are designed to engage students in student-centered research.

    4. Review the Middle School Earth Science Explorer. Linked from the ETE homepage, it is designed for grades 3-6, but may be valuable to teachers of other grades. It provides a model for you to create your own classroom applications.

    5. You will want to locate other resources locally and on the Internet to supplement these. Post the resources you find to the course discussion space with annotations about what they have to offer.

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