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Individual Assignment

Final Project Assignment

Complete a final ESS analysis on the same topic you analyzed in the 1st orientation activity.

We need to see how much you have learned about Earth system science. Please do your best ESS analysis on the same topic you used in the orientation pretest. We will compare the rubric ratings for those two ESS analyses as pre/post measures to show how much your thinking about Earth systems science has grown.

Part 1: Build an ESS model that includes:

  • Your findings as they relate to the problem statement: a brief opening summary of supportable ideas and conclusions (recommendations, solutions, or alternatives) based on the information you have collected, particularly for your ESS analysis (PBL Step 8).
  • Statements about the relationships: detailed accounts of all the changes and impacts (revealing your understanding of interrelationships of the spheres and the event in the Earth System Diagram) that led you to the conclusions put forth in your recommendations or solutions (findings). Make sure that you include the systemic relationships, called causal chains, where multiple spheres and/or the event are involved in complex and interrelated changes. In a system, nothing occurs in isolation. Each causal chain should include S > S > S interactions.
  • Evidence: For evidence that your thinking is accurate, consider information, examples, and corroboration from readings, web sites, CD ROMs, and experts that lend credence to your relationship statements. Discuss what you learned and make statements you can support with evidence from multiple sources, including observation, expert opinion, analogy, or experimental results.

Part II: Evaluate your ESS analysis using the rubric.

  • Go to the Final Project Rubric and complete the rubric. Be sure to give a rationale for each of your ratings.
  • Revise your ESS analysis based on your rubric rating if you need to, then upload your ESS analysis as your Final Project for a grade. Note that your assignment may appear as incomplete until your instructor has rated it.

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