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Date Title Description
October 13, 2015 Creating a white hat nation
October 13, 2015 When hackers talk, this research team listens
October 13, 2015 From a very old skeleton, new insights on ancient migrations
October 13, 2015 Public Access to Results of NSF-funded Research
October 13, 2015 Opportunities for Promoting Understanding through Synthesis program awards $1.5 million in new grants
October 13, 2015 Research sheds new light on 150-year-old dinosaur temperature debate
October 13, 2015 El Niņo Strengthening With each passing month, 2015 looks more and more like 1997.
October 9, 2015 Flooding Near Columbia, South Carolina Though rain has stopped falling, coastal communities in South Carolina are preparing for a second round of flooding as a pulse of water pushes toward the sea.
October 8, 2015 Grizzly Bear Complex Fire Lightning-triggered fires have charred thousands of acres near the border between Oregon and Washington.
October 8, 2015 Smoke over Sumatra Smoke continues to pour from fires in Sumatra.
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